Italian Projects 2015

'Age of the Living Dead: The Rising'

Gerry played the lead role of 'Walter' in 'Age of the Living Dead: The Rising'. Shooting took place in Sicily in November/December 2016.

'E-bola' - the Movie

Gerry attended the premiere of 'E-bola the Movie in Rome recently. He played the role of  'Professor Gallagher'.  The story is about the Ebola virus was directed by Christian Marazziti.

'The Red Death'

Will be directed by Italian director Antonio Baiocco. Shooting mid 2016

Other Projects

'Be Good or Be Gone'

Gerry will play the role of 'Tommy' in 'Be Good or Be Gone'. It will be directed by Cathal Nally. Principal photography will start January 2016.

'Full Circle'

News on this later. Shooting 2017.