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PRODUCTION TITLE                            CHARACTER                          DIRECTOR/COMPANY

E-bola the Movie            Professor Gallagher                   Christian Marazziti/Italy

The Wake                      (Lead)   Albert                         Brett Halliday

The Best Offer                Art Dealer                               Giuseppe Tornatore/Italy

Zombie Massacre            (Support) Dr. Neumann              Luca Boni/Extreme Vid/Italy

Cracks                           Coroner                                  Jordan Scott/Element Films

Omagh                          Mr. Murphy                              Pete Travis/Element Films

Wrath of the Crows         (supporting Charlie)                   Ivan Zuccon/Italy

Colour from the Dark       (Support) Giovanni                     Ivan Zuccon/Interzona Italy

Product of a Nation         (Lead) Det. Robert Joyce           Jonathan Caffrey

Joe and Sarah                 (Support) Mr. Kennedy              Frank Kelly/Ablevision ire

Edgar                            (Lead) Edgar                            Andrea Galatta/Empire TV

The Job                         (Lead) Jack                             Gerry Shanahan/Poco Films

Project RS1                     (Lead) McBride                        Poco Films

Derelict                          (Supporting Daniel)                  Frank Kelly/Palestone Prod

Trihill Bridge                   (Lead) Frank                           Ciara Scott/Scott Prod’s

Voices                           (Lead) Jack                            Cathal Nally/Barbershop Triplet

The County                    (Lead) Paddy                          Cathal Nally/Barbershop Triplet

Portrait of a Zombie        (Supporting Gang Boss)            Bing Bailey/OrganHill

Shackled                       (Support) Jacob Lowry             Dave McCabe/SquidMedia

My Angel                      (Supporting) Thomas                Rob Walsh/BarbershopTrip

Three Bags Full              (Support) Det. Brennan             Thomas Bowen/Independent

Slán Agus Beannacht      (Support) Charlie                      Frank Kelly/Palestone Prod’s

Portrait                        (Support) Police Sergeant           BrownH Prods



Maru     (TG4) Series 4         (Lead) Bowers                       Lawrence Gough/Stirling Prods

In Cold Blood (BBC)             (Lead) Henryk Gorski              Niamh Sammon/Stirling/BBC

Maru     (TG4) Series 3         (Support) Prosecutor              John Carlan/Stirling Prods

Maru (TG4)   Series 2           (Support) Detective                John Carlan/Stirling Prods

Fair City   ( RTE TV)             Maurice Twomey                   Various/RTE

Prime Time (RTE TV)            Bank Manager                      Ian Hunter/RTE

Cracking Crime (RTE TV)       Det. Insp. Hugh Coll              Roy Hibbeard/Stirling Prods



Margie Haber Studios LA        Improv                                                   Mindy Sterling

Margie Haber Studios LA       Scene Study/Script Analysis                        Crystal Carson

Margie Haber Studios LA       Cold Reading Workshop                             Margie Haber

Irish Film Actors Studio         Acting for Camera                                    John Cantwell

Margie Haber Seminar          Auditioning Techniques                               Margie Haber

Screen Training Ireland         Actor and Director, A Collaboration               Mark Travis LA

Screen Training Ireland         Scene Staging                                           Mark Travis LA



Full Driving Licence, Pilots Licence, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Horse Riding, Archery and most other sports. Photography. Martial Arts. Basic French/Italian.


ACCENTS: Irish, Northern Irish, Standard American, Russian